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The 18Players Story

We are proud of our roots as golf industry specialists, but we have worked hard to develop a wider heritage in sport.

Our name – 18Players – is a nod to our past, honouring our roots with the golfing industry whilst going beyond.

We are team players, we fear no challenge and we will make any dreams into reality in good sporting spirit.

Simplicity is our core. If we don’t think you should do something, we’ll tell you, but then we’ll work together to find a way forward.

Our Ethos

With a team of smart, strategic content creators and designers, our reason for existing is to help ambitious clients to improve and innovate digital services while creating fantastic customer experiences.

  • We work in partnership
  • We keep things simple
  • We focus on uncovering change that makes a real difference ‘now’ and plan for where you should go ‘next’
  • We help you get there efficiently
  • We work hard to build true, strong , and trusted relationships with our clients and deliver solutions that deliver real business benefits. 

But our services don’t just stop on project completion; we believe that a relationship should continue and grow in partnership for the full life cycle of the deliverables.

Meet the Team
Dan Murphy
Dan MurphyDirector

More accurately, who: James Alexander Gordon – the person who read out the football scores on Sports Report on Radio 5.

I guess it would have to be my favourite place to play golf, which is Royal County Down. I enjoy playing the smaller Annesley almost as much as the big one.

Torn between a links course and Elland Road.

I think we might be over-thinking this.

Mike Robertson
Mike RobertsonAccount Manager

A centre midfielder for Manchester City, even though they were rubbish throughout my childhood. I didn’t play golf as a Junior, or it might have been some combination of Tiger Woods and John Daly.

The Masters/Augusta National

Ideally playing some sort of ‘world class links course’

“We really need to go and play {insert any world class links course}”

Andy Kenworthy
Andy KenworthyStudio Manager

A toss-up between National Geographic and Liverpool FC

Spending time with my family and occasionally nipping out for a cheeky pint

When do you need it by?

Emmi Parry
Emmi ParryGraphic Designer

Someone who’s heart is not already dead set on a picture inside their heads

Followed by children while resembling Mary Poppins – spitspot!

Ooooh I’m going to try that! (be it a new font or axe throwing or a salmon salad)

Amy Caulfield
Amy CaulfieldContent Editor

A journalist or a marine biologist. Needless to say, I’m currently working in landlocked Leeds and not on a tropical coral reef.

Anywhere with an amazing spa.

Ideally, in a pub in the Yorkshire Dales with a large glass of red wine after a long walk. In reality, driving my children around and telling them to put their shoes on.

I promise I’ll get that page/feature/18Players bio written asap!

Russ Greaves
Russ GreavesContent Editor

A sports journalist. I used to write match reports for my Sunday league side and interview my team-mates.

Royal Portrush. But, while we’re dreaming, let’s add Augusta National to the mix.

Running, always running.

Very little! Unless someone asks me about running or Cambridge United.

Justine Board
Justine BoardSub-editor

A superhero. Or a vet. A superhero vet?

Gleneagles – it’s my happy place

Providing the taxi service to my childrens’ social lives

“I’m not sure about this one….maybe “Sorry, I’m having WiFi trouble”

Matthew Beedle
Matthew BeedleMarketing Manager

A Formula 1 engineer

Pebble Beach – Located in one of my favourite areas of the world.

Playing golf, following Leeds United or walking my dog, Eddie.

“I’ll add it to my Trello board”

Dave Clough
Dave CloughWeb Developer

Spending time with my family.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache / it works ok for me

Mike Hyde
Mike HydeContent Creator

Thanks to UK/NZ dual citizenship, I was convinced that – given there must only be a handful of people who play football there – surely I would be able to play international football for New Zealand, if only I could somehow alert the relevant authorities to my existence in Buckinghamshire.

Trying to play more golf around Ireland, coaching/herding my son’s football team, and playing Tiger Woods 2k23 on the PS5 once everyone else in the house is asleep.

“That’s next on my list…”

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