About 18Players

The 18Players Story

We are proud of our roots as golf industry specialists, but we have worked hard to develop a wider heritage in sport.

Our name – 18Players – is a nod to our past, honouring our roots with the golfing industry whilst going beyond.

We are team players, we fear no challenge and we will make any dreams into reality in good sporting spirit.

Simplicity is our core. If we don’t think you should do something, we’ll tell you, but then we’ll work together to find a way forward.

Our Ethos

With a team of smart, strategic content creators and designers, our reason for existing is to help ambitious clients to improve and innovate digital services while creating fantastic customer experiences.

  • We work in partnership
  • We keep things simple
  • We focus on uncovering change that makes a real difference ‘now’ and plan for where you should go ‘next’
  • We help you get there efficiently
  • We work hard to build true, strong , and trusted relationships with our clients and deliver solutions that deliver real business benefits. 

But our services don’t just stop on project completion; we believe that a relationship should continue and grow in partnership for the full life cycle of the deliverables.

Meet the Team

Dan Murphy


Mike Robertson

Account Manager

Dave Clough

Web Developer

Andy Kenworthy

Head of Design

Emmi Parry


Vicky Jones


Alan-Formby Jackson

Production Editor

Matthew Beedle

Marketing Manager

Mike Hyde

Content Editor

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