Project Description

Alwoodley Golf Club

One of England’s finest golf courses

Alwoodley Golf Club, just outside Leeds, is world-famous thanks to its exceptional heathland course that was designed by the great Dr Alister MacKenzie, who would go on to create Augusta National, venue each year for the Masters.

It is also an institution of Yorkshire golf. We felt that the club’s current website was not quite bringing the course and facilities to life.

A new website and assets

We filmed video of the club and course as a whole, as well as flyovers of all 18 holes. We then created a new website ( from scratch – actually, it is more like two websites. One to be visitor-facing and to present the course and facilities in the most attractive possible light; the other to be for the benefit of the members, who want to be in touch with the club and their fellow members. One side of the site features rich video and images to capture attention; the other is packed with useful information.

Gauging results

18 players role in the overhaul of the Alwoodley website didn’t stop at the creation of materials. We are continually monitoring the performance of the website and club communications, to deliver in-depth analytics data to our client.

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