Project Description


Representing Britain’s greenkeeping professionals

Now over 30 years old, the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association is Europe’s largest membership greenkeeping association. The Association was formed to support greenkeepers and greenkeeping and provide a unified voice for the profession.

Making greenkeepers’ voices heard

Arguably the most under-appreciated part of any golf club, greenkeepers tend to go about their work quietly. All golfers have an opinion about the state of the course but few understand what realy goes into it. Our challenge was to produce a biannual magazine, each spring and autumn, that brought their skills to the attention of golfers and gave them a greater appreciation of their work and the challenges they face. Your Course has become a greenkeeper’s asset: something they can show to their committees to deepen their understanding of the greenkeepers’ craft and technical skills.

The outcome

We spoke to greenkeepers and agronomy professionals up and down the country to understand the highly skilled work they plan and carry out. We told their stories in language that club golfers can understand. We helped to break down barriers between the people who prepare and present golf courses with those who get to play on them.

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