Project Description

Golf Genius

Understanding the brand

Ahead of the market in event-management software, Golf Genius lead the industry in technology solutions for first-class golf events.

The challenge for us was explaining that to the industry. Our solution was end to end.

Visual engagement

We created marketable and engaging explainer videos that walked the the customer through the components of the software piece-by-piece, in language they understood, depicted in environments they were familiar with. The content built trust and understanding.

Mail Campaign

We created from scratch the ‘Stroke of Genius’ email campaign. We built proprietary HTML emails and managed the data of 9,000 + prospects. All 100% GDPR-compliant, the leads the campaign generated were passed on to Golf Genius.

The result? An end to end sales and marketing solution for the world’s biggest software provider of golf events and the handicapping partner of the USGA.