Project Description


About The GCMA

The GCMA are the leading association for representing Golf Club Managers, and those aspiring to become Golf Club Managers in the future. The GCMA are committed to making a positive difference to the game of golf, by supporting the Professional and Personal Wellbeing of members.

What we do

We act as the GCMA’s communications agency. That includes: writing, designing and publishing their monthly members’ magazine, The Golf Club Manager; populating and updating their website; creating and sending regular newsletters and eshots; managing the association’s social media output; assisting with the design of promotional literature; editing podcasts and webinars.

This involves specialists from across the 18Players team – from journalists to graphic designers, and social media experts, to videographers.

The GCMA Magazine

We produce the GCMA’s monthly magazine which is distributed to its members containing interviews, best practices and everything a golf club manager would need to know about the industry.

Content Creation

Just like the magazine, we produce content on the GCMA’s website for its members to read with the latest news and views from the golf industry.

Email Marketing

We send a weekly newsletter to GCMA members with the latest articles on the website and any job listing within the industry.

We also ensure The GCMA’s partners are receiving equal coverage.

Social Media

We run The GCMA’s social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pointing people to articles on the website, how to become a member and ensuring key partners receive the right coverage.

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