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The PGA – Golf Business Quarterly

About The PGA & Golf Business Quarterly

Golf Business Quarterly presents a rounded view of golf business to provide readers with thought leadership that is applicable to all disciplines in the golf industry.

The magazine, which is sent to PGA Members and members of its Business Management Group and Club Volunteer categories, features the biggest voices in golf business.

It includes in-depth interviews and provides genuine analysis of key data relating to topics such as participation, growth of the game, retail, rounds played and much more. This data is backed up with experts providing commentary on what it means, helping golf industry professionals make better-informed decisions. GBQ stands alone in the market with the potential to speak to all figures of influence in the British and Irish, European, Middle East, Far East and North American golf industries. Learn more here.

What we do

18Players are responsible for producing GBQ in its entirety on behalf of The PGA. The project is led by content director Dan Murphy. He is assisted in producing the magazine by our team of talented graphic designers and sub-editors.

GBQ looks and feels different to anything else on the market. By using clean, modern icons and graphics and presenting the most relevant data in a digestible fashion it stands apart as an authoritative and responsible business title that cuts through the noise.

Of course, there is more to GBQ than just the magazine itself – we also create a suite of social media assets and marketing collateral to ensure the word is spread around the golf industry.

More about GBQ

Owned by The PGA, GBQ is a key part of their 2020 Vision that positions The PGA at the heart of the golf industry. GBQ is assisted and guided by a working group made up of a number of respected golf industry professionals who offer a range of perspectives. They include men and women from The PGA, the media, administration, marketing, operations, market research and governing bodies.

GBQ features the biggest voices in golf business, includes in-depth interviews and provide genuine analysis of key data relating to topics such as participation, growth of the game, retail, rounds played and tourism. There is also wider content to help readers be better industry professionals.


The aim is to get readers thinking and to provide them with stimulus for further reading, debate and discussion. There is no news within the pages of GBQ: this is a quarterly product with time to reflect on the big issues. We encourage readers to step back and engage with the thoughtful content to consider the big picture of the golf industry that we all work in.

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