Project Description

Western Gailes

About Western Gailes

Situated on the Ayrshire coastline sits one of the world’s most historic golf courses, Western Gailes. The history of the golf club dates back over 125 years to 1897, when the earliest golfers used to arrive by train from Glasgow.

A beautiful links course that is equally matched by the history, tradition and charming clubhouse and amazing locker room, Western Gailes is not only regarded as one the best golf courses in the Scotland or the UK, but the world.

What 18Players did and why…

18Players were commissioned to start work on the project that would see us create a brand-new website, on-course and in-clubhouse video and photography. A project that would truly bring the links to life and show the beauty of Western Gailes in the light it truly deserves.

The new videos and photography will also be used to promote Western Gailes on their social channels, which 18Players are proud to run.

With Western Gailes’ website, we wanted to let the course do the talking. Full-screen images and videos fill your screen from the minute you enter the website without the clutter of a menu or header. The course is was the main focus to do the talking.

Club Promotional Video

The dramatic dunes, playing by the sea, the Ayrshire course is the epitome of stunning views.

The video above is was our love letter to Western Gailes. All the best views mixed with all the quirky clubhouse artefacts and of course, the locker rooms. This is a promo video that the club use on the website and social media.

Hole promotional videos

Something a little different to your usual hole flyover, we wanted the visitors of the website to really feel like they were getting a taste of what to expect at Western Gailes, from the tee shot all the way to the moment the ball is the bottom of the hole.

Our goal was to re-invent this kind of video by using a mix of footage that consisted of people playing the holes, aerial and ground footage.

This way we feel the person watching the video will get a sense of depth and how the hole is intended to be played before they arrive at the course.


A selection of images taken during our multiple visits to Western Gailes which included capturing images at different timings in order to catch different lightings.

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