Deliver a quick, engaging message

Audience attention spans are getting shorter and video is a great way to capture attention by displaying them on your homepage or social media channels.

Keep in mind that the majority of your audience may be watching your videos from their smartphone with limited time so be sure to make the most of what you’re displaying.

18 Players Tip:

Keep the length of your video between 30 and 90 seconds.

Display video on your homepage

It’s essential the first thing a consumer sees once loading your site is video.

Don’t hide your video content away by making it hard for people to find. Your golf course is the star of the show so make sure it’s front and centre. Take a look at The Machrie site we produced – The Machrie – The Machrie Hotel and Links.

18 Players Tip:

Your video should include signature holes with the best views to highlight the best parts of your course.

Use video on your social media channels

Almost 40 million people in the UK use social media on their phones.

A lot of golf clubs don’t have large marketing budgets so using your social media channels becomes very important. A perfect way to tease out information is to post hole-by-hole flyovers and use captions to engage your audience.

18 Players Tip:

Be consistent with how and when you post on your channels.